Rejoicing at ‘firsts’

“God is good, all the time” as the song/saying goes! In the quiet times, as in the raucous, in the tough times as in the joyous, in the slog as in the seamless.

But we want to rejoice and give thanks to God for three encouragements this week. One of our members, a young Christian (and clearly gifted as an evangelist!) had the privilege of leading his niece to Christ this week. She is attending church with him, and we are considering baptism!

flowersI also had the privilege of praying with him on Sunday after leading worship together. He had damaged his foot by dropping a sledgehammer on it! After prayer, he felt tingling in his foot and the pain disappeared completely; he is still walking pain-free. Praise God for our first healing!

And finally, we also had our first church ‘meeting’; a small gathering representing most of our attendees in our newly-converted office (it was a hen-house previously – big thank-you to our landlord). As we are human, we had usual discussions over heating, fixing stuff in the building, etc… but also good times of sharing around our vision, outreach, plans for the future and prayer. There was a real sense of each being able to contribute and buy-in to the vision, and we give thanks for fellowship.


So we praise our Father for these ‘firsts‘ and pray that they may be but ‘firstfruits‘ of the harvest to come. Thank-you for standing with us in prayer…


World Day of Prayer 2013 – France


We only found out recently that this year’s Women’s World Day of Prayer is dedicated to France!

So if you’re a woman (and even if you’re not) it’s a great opportunity to pray for France.

You can find extra resources here, courtesy of France Mission.

As for us, we’d value prayers specifically for the following:

  • Thanks for a good meeting with the town Mayor (equivalent to the leader of the council). The “Maire” has an important role in each town (“commune”) and we were able to introduce ourselves and our desire to serve Calvisson in whatever way we could. Please pray for God to reveal Himself to him.
  • Thanks for the news that one of our members has led his niece to Christ; she lives in Grenoble but will be joining us on Sunday for our service. Please pray that God would bless her, protect and nurture her faith, and for me as I lead and preach.
  • Please continue to pray for God’s presence and love to outpoured in this region. He is definitely at work, and we long to see more.

Thanks for joining with us in prayer!!!

Pray for Calvisson




Image courtesy of Matthieu Salmeron