Café Church…with a difference


Our first ‘drop-in’ breakfast was launched last Sunday; we had sent out invitations to join us between 10-12 Sunday morning for a time of sharing food (croissants and viennoiseries provided by one of the guests, home-made jam, British marmalade, café and tea) and of course good company. We had much cause for rejoicing:

– Firstly, the weather! Yep, hard to believe for the South of France : it had been cold, wet and windy at times during the week, but Sunday morning, the sun shone down on us, so we were able to gather outside.


– The real hunger for a sense of community and belonging from those who were there: nobody had experienced a shared breakfast before, but everyone loved the idea and all appreciated the time together and sharing. No-one left before 12:30, children and adults got on well. There is a real sense of anticipation about the next one.



– The conversations: naturally, it was an opportunity to get to know friends better, for children to play together, but also it provided natural openings to share what we are doing here, our hopes and dreams and on several occasions what Jesus means to us and has done for us.

– The people that came: some we expected to come couldn’t make it, others we didn’t think would come did; altogether, there were 10 adults and 14 children altogether.

We give thanks for God’s presence among us, continue to pray for all who were there. We now look forward to the next one on the 30th June!

God is here

1402506_10773568“Let’s take some time to be still, to be open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Feel free to share any Scripture, pictures, words, that He may bring to mind”. As we gave some space to God during a recent Sunday service, David was thinking the main impression he had was a real sensation of God’s presence; that He wanted to draw near.

At that moment, Claire-Lise spoke out, sharing how she felt God wanting to be close to us, to embrace us with His presence. Another lady then subsequently shared how she had felt God so close, almost like a tangible touch on her face. The service leader then shared a word about God being close to those He loved.

Such encouragement when several people at the same time sense and confirm what they feel God is doing. We have seen some tangible signs of God’s presence and work by His Spirit recently and give Him thanks and all praise:

  • Several people in a short space of time taking steps to give their lives to Christ, including two we are preparing for baptism, and 3 out of 4 members of the same family
  • The awe-inspiring openness of one of our friends to talk about faith
  • New poetry and songs emerging written by French Christians and in a French style
  • God-given encounters in the streets of Calvisson as we walk, pray and share
  • God speaking to us by His word 

petit-dejeuner-daffairesWe give thanks to God for what He is doing and pray for more! That the little rivulets would turn into raging streams of His Presence. Please pray in particular for our monthly Sunday breakfast ‘drop-ins’ that we would like to start on the 26th May, initially piloting with some good friends we’ve made.

Thanks and praise to Him!