Honouring leaders in prayer

I was challenged by reading 1 Thessalonians 5:12 that says: “12 Dear brothers and sisters, honor those who are your leaders in the Lord’s work. They work hard among you and give you spiritual guidance.”

This seemed particularly appropriate as Lynn Green’s induction takes place this Sunday (22nd September). As a consequence, I’ve decided to put a weekly 5:12 reminder in my phone to pray for our General Secretary, Lynn, and BMS’ General Director David Kerrigan on the 5th Day of the week, Friday at 12 noon. 

Anybody else care to join me in honouring our leaders through prayer?

Reflections on Fatherhood…

As we celebrated Samuel’s 2nd birthday in August, we gave thanks for all that God had done for us, and for the first 9 months in France.It prompted a reminder of a couple of things I felt God had been sharing through some simple situations with my boys.

Firstly, as I was taking Joshua out swimming: we were in the main pool, where he was out of his depth. He said me: “Daddy, don’t leave me”, and of course I replied, “Don’t worry, Joshua, I’ll be with you all the time”. This immediately reminded me of Jesus’ promise in Matthew 28 to always be with us until the end of the age.

More recently, Samuel was playing around with our shoes, and I said to him: “Look at you, Samuel, walking in Daddy’s shoes”. It seemed a picture of growing in faith, that we try and follow Jesus, in every aspect of life. Some of it won’t come naturally, but as we grow, there will be a closer fit, and we’ll be walking in our Heavenly Father’s shoes!

So as the new term begins, and times of change hit for the boys and us, we’re reminded of Jesus presence, and our desire to continue walking in His footsteps. May we all continue to grow into His likeness!

Walking in Daddy's shoes