Miracle in the air

We were very encouraged to see a lady from Calvisson coming to church for the first time last month. We ve been witnessing to her since we arrived and she came to the summer breakfasts we’ve organised. S. is 34 and a widow. She lost her husband 3 years ago for leukaemia. She now lives by her own with her son who is one of Joshua’s friend.

Shortly after coming to church, she was diagnosed with stones in her gallbladder and was in terrible pain. She was supposed to have surgery last week to remove the stones as they were close to her pancreas and quite dangerous. The night before, her son told her that he prayed to God that she wouldn’t go to the hospital. But S. told him that God isn’t “Father Christmas” and that we can only ask for peace through suffering. Her son wasn’t satisfied by this answer and kept saying that he knows that God will answer as Claire-Lise had previously talked about the power of God during the Sunday School session he attended.

The next day S. went into the hospital to prepare for surgery. But what a surprise: when the doctors did a final scan, the stones had miraculously disappeared! She was choked to see that God did such a miracle for her and her son. She was shocked to see that God, in all his business of ruling the entire universe, could pay attention to her and answer her son’s prayer. When we went back to visit her during the week she kept praising God and was amazed by His love for her. God is clearly at work in her heart as well as in her son’s heart. She started reading the bible we gave her a few month ago and is hungry to know more of God. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers as God totally reveals himself to her.