The Butcher, The Baker, …

MissionWhen Jesus called us to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ (Matt 28:19-20), that “going” can involve both a move overseas, as well as a challenge to go and share the good news of Jesus with our neighbour. We have been excited to see how this is worked out in different ways.

– On a national level, it has meant the privilege of participating in cross-denominational prayer and reflection on church-planting. This has been an aspect of our praying and decision-making regarding our next location.

– On a regional level, we are rejoicing at how the church plant in Salinelles is growing and reaching folk within a radius of 50 km, around Sommières, including a muslim-background lady and her family who is currently attending the Alpha Course.

– On a local level, we see prayer opening-up opportunities to share faith in local businesses. Below are 2 examples of this:

boucherie-alain-gouvernet-calvisson-P1014711– David had been feeling a bit frustrated over a recent period where he had not had many opportunities to share Jesus. So he ‘brought this up’ with God on his way home one day. As he dropped in at the butcher’s, unusually the shop was empty apart from himself and the assistant. The conversation ‘somehow’ turned towards the theme of suffering, and David was able to share something about Jesus’ death and resurrection! Praise God for a pretty immediate answer to prayer.

L_27Amandine_20boulangerie-p_C3_A2tisserie_20_C3_A0_20Calvisson_20-_20Ext0– Similarly, after prayer one morning for the local ‘boulangerie’, the Scripture ‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ (Rom 8:31) came to mind, and we were able to share that simple truth with the assistant: that God was for her, to the point that He gave His Son to die for her. She was visibly touched and thanked-us for that encouragement! We leave the fruit up to God and  look forward to possible further discussions!

In all of this, we see the power of prayer and give thanks for the many that continue to pray and support us back home. (Oh, and we’re still looking for a candlestick maker….!)

We are particularly grateful for those who have committed to partner with us as 24/7 partners, and are looking to increase this network of those who are willing to commit to supporting BMS world mission through prayer and giving. Perhaps this is something you may consider, and heartfelt thanks to those who are already partnering with us in this way.

PS: Why not share in the comments below any opportunities you have to share your faith in your everyday life, in your national, regional, or local “goings”.