Completing a miracle

Dear friends,
As you remember, a few weeks ago we had our Alpha day in Calvisson. One of the ladies attending the course is suffering from deafness and has to wear hearing aids. There is nothing the doctors can do to help her, no hope for her to be able to hear properly! Her daughter has to be followed as well as it seems to be a genetic problem.
At the end of the Alpha day Claire-Lise offered to pray for her hearing and for God to reveal himself to this lady who is an atheist.
The following day our friend started to hear better and was wondering what was happening. On the Tuesday she still had the impression that she could hear better and called another lady who’s also doing the Alpha course to tell her about what was happening. She was actually a bit scared by all this and didn’t know what to think. Her husband told her that he didn’t believe in her being healed and then she started to doubt God. The next morning, Wednesday she woke up and couldn’t hear anymore. Her life was back to ‘normal’ and she was disappointed.
We spent the afternoon with them today and we were able to pray again for her healing. She definitely learnt that God does exist through this and is really willing to receive healing from Him now whatever people tell her to discourage her. So please would you stand with us in prayer for her complete healing. Healing of her deafness would mean for her to surrender to God and we believe she’s ready now!!!! Exciting times, we have faith that this lady will receive a miracle as she is dearly loved by our heavenly Father who is the God of impossible. “Jesus said: anything is possible to the one who believes?” Mark 9.23. Thank you for your prayers for our dear friend!!!