Praying without ceasing…?

We all know the importance of prayer. We follow Jesus, who placed prayer as the heart of his relationship with His Father. We oscillate between glorious experiences of prayer, and feelings of abject failures at our prayer lives.

In these embryonic days of church-planting in Brive-La-Gaillarde, we wrestle with the tension between the need to bathe everything we do in prayer, seeking God’s leading and empowering, and the desire to share Jesus in many and diverse ways.

In light of that, we were recently reminded of the wisdom of Ecclesiastes in stating that there is a time for everything; and for us, we have felt this to be a particular season to be given over to laying foundations in and through prayer. But the natural activist drive in us, that seeks instant results, that needs to be busy often rears its ugly head. And so, it was a real encouragement when, during a time of prayer, I sensed God putting Isaiah 30 on my heart. A warning to not prioritise methods, programs and plans, important though they are, above being directed by God’s Spirit. A guiding light to hear that our strength is find in quietness and strength. And then finally, a blessing to be struck by verse 18: “Blessed are those who wait for him”. In doing so, God reassured us that we will hear and know exactly where and in whom to invest energy. Thank-you, God, for that sense of direction.

And so, during this season of preparation, of digging, and waiting, amidst the necessary activity, we are grateful for this opportunity to go deeper in prayer, and especially are grateful for all those who are faithfully praying alongside us!


NB: Claire-Lise and David will be on home assignment in the UK and available
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