Pentecost 2016


For many years, I’ve had a dream of lighting a fire at Pentecost: using a visible and tangible demonstration of the coming and outpouring of God’s Spirit. And of course, for many years, that dream had been put on hold, mainly for Health & Safety reasons…

…. until now !

One of the advantages of not having a church building is that we can experiment with space, and gather in people’s front rooms. So it was that we gathered at Pentecost in our house to celebrate the gift of the Spirit, and to renew our commitment to being sent out in God’s power.

So we gathered to worship God through song, to retell the story of Pentecost, through the lens of the tower of Babel.

And we lit a fire !

Using the fire, we lit candles, and went out to our balcony overlooking the town, laying them down as a sign of our prayers for God’s love, power and righteousness to flood this town, touching our neighbours, friends, colleagues, and those we do not yet know.

Come, Holy Spirit !

Pentecost Fire

Pentecost Fire