Capture d’écran 2016-09-03 à 10.27.05So, after six weeks of touring around England, tasting old favourite meals and telling stories of God’s work here in Brive-La-Gaillarde, we arrived back home. It was good to re-group with the team, with old friends, and to slowly immerse ourselves back into French life.

Over the summer, our colleagues have maintained a rhythm of connecting with whoever is around on Sunday mornings, around the table with coffee, tea, croissants and whatever people bring!

Last Sunday (28th August), we were blessed to have some guests attending:
– a couple, who are parents to kids attending a local school, who are keen to discover more about Jesus and the way we live out our faith.
– a Christian couple visiting from the North, who have heard about our church-planting and been supporting us through prayer.
– a dear Christian friend from Toulouse, who has served God in France and the Middle-East.

We kicked-off with a description of how we go to someone’s house, and meet them by opening the gate, ringing the bell, and using this as a launchpad to connecting with God, ‘entering his gates with thanksgiving and courts with praise’.

We then read from Luke 14:7-11, and demonstrated the way we honour others by imagining various scenarii with the children (parties, guests, imagining in the President turned-up, etc…!). Then we split into two teams, with three missions:

– Firstly, to order each team by height : recognising that our first impressions are primarily physical, but that God looks at the heart.
– Secondly, to classify various professions according to how society views them, and how God views them (artist, footballer, stay-at-home parent, mechanic, politician, …) with fascinating insights! Again, we are reminded that in God’s eyes, we are equal.
– Thirdly, our mission was to go away during the week, and bless someone that we wouldn’t normally interact with. We’ll see how that went!

LEGO-5003084-The-Hulk-Polybag-2015-Big-and-Small-Hulk-comparisonBut it was a great time of re-gathering. We’ve decided to intentionally develop these times as Connecting – Connecting with God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit, Connecting with each other, and Connecting with the world.

So it now feels like: all systems go.

– The children have been back at school and really pleased to see their friends. Samuel’s been struggling having changed pre-schools and havin to make new friends.
– We had our first team meeting, revisiting vision and our mission within God’s mission.
– The nights are getting cooler, though the days are still hot.
– We look forward to all that God has in store of us over the next few months!