A multiplying disciple…

At the heart of seeing a movement of churches being planted is the notion of disciples making disciples, or what some researchers call “Disciple-Making Movement” or multiplication.

In my experience, we rejoice at seeing people embark on a journey of discipleship, getting baptized and involved in church life, but then all too often they get caught up in ‘church-world’ and over time, lose connection to their ‘pre-Christian’ world. We all know that young Christians (in the faith!) are the most enthusiastic about sharing their faith, but we struggle to equip them in turn to lead others to Christ (they tend to invite them to church or to meet “the professionals”).

So this is one aspect of church-planting where we are seeking wisdom and asking God for help, in order to see disciples, who make other disciples, who make other disciples. A recent experience gave us encouragement to see how this may begin to take shape:

A friend gives his life to Christ, and gets baptized.
He discerns in a work colleague both ongoing struggles, but also an openness of heart.
He shares with him his own recent journey and what difference faith is making to him.
He invites him to meet The Pastor (‘Fraid so!).
We meet together, chat, and following that, pray for his colleague (who at this stage professes not to believe in God).
After prayer, he receives considerable improvement in a neck condition, which he is ready to attribute to either divine intervention or coincidence!
Following that, the colleague expresses a desire to “try out” praying to God for himself, and asks to meet-up with the young believer to talk through his own experience.

We are seeing the beginnings of discipleship multiplication here, and seeds being sown, so we pray for God’s action in his life, and for wisdom in equipping our young baptizee to have faith and confidence in the Spirit’s leading!