Everyone has a place around the Table

One of our key values as ‘Church Around the Table’ is providing a space for everyone, young or old, with much or little faith. At our recent first mini-AGM, a gathering where we spent some time together, looking back at highlights (and lowlights!) of the previous year, our finances (!) and values, we were blessed by the sense of unity and family that there is amongst us, even in the disagreements. It was followed, naturally, by a BBQ! (Winter BBQ’s are the best!)

The way this ‘everyone has a place’ is lived out can be illustrated through the following:

  • One recently baptised young man expressed a desire to be more intentional about preparing for, and living out, Easter. So we’ve been reading through the Old Testament in our TABLES (small groups), trying to get a sense of the bigger story, and ‘why Jesus’, as well as following some Lent reading plans;
  • Our last TABLE gathering was totally led by children, from choosing different colour lightsabres to share how our week had been, colouring eagles while reading Isaiah 40 as a méditation, to reading the story and leading question times. Different children took a lead, and it’s exciting to see both their faith, and their leadership growing, empowering them to lead TABLES in the future.
  • Sharing Jesus’ meal with a TABLE member, who is reading the Bible with Claire-Lise, married to a recent baptisee, and journeying towards Christ but hasn’t yet taken the step of baptism, She is responding, in her time, to Jesus’ offer of a new life and values the sense of belonging that she has around the TABLE.

We give thanks that Jesus is the one inviting us to His table, and the privilege of witnessing others taking-up their invitation and taking their place.

Everyone has their place around the Table