My life is different now, completely….

“My life is different now, completely… My whole family feels it, experiences it, especially my children. They feel much happier around me, in a new place of trust and confidence. Before, my son used to run away from me, but now, he knows that his Daddy is back. I am no longer alone, and I hope I can bring freedom to others. This is why I am here before you and want to get baptized ”

This is how the testimony ends: a story that will be shared this coming Sunday (21st October). The story of a young man who had a fascination with Jesus from a young age, was drawn to Jesus and knew he belonged close to Him. A guy, who following a relationship with a young muslim girl, started exploring Islam, and yet heard a voice saying “you are my son, you belong to me”, and couldn’t take the step. He was shattered as that relationship fell apart, and found himself reading the Gospels. And as he read, the pain of the break-up eased, and he felt at peace, until the pain disappeared.

A young man who got married, and caught up in the maelström of life, of house-buying, of having kids, and turned to drink to ease the pressure. As his marriage broke down, he knew that he needed to sort out his relationship with Jesus first and foremost, found the ‘Church Around the Table’ (Brive Baptist church) on the web, and got in touch with the pastor, a certain Rev. Judkins.

Since that time, about 8 months ago, he has become a different man, husband, Dad. He is living out in community, experiencing peace. He is back with his wife, sharing the good news of Jesus with his colleagues. His life is totally transformed.

We are so grateful to have him, and his wife (also now exploring faith) as part of our small church community, and we value your prayers for them as he gets baptized this coming Sunday. All glory to God!

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