The small, the slow and the insignificant…

As a teenager, I (David) stumbled across many stories of God’s incredible moves through history and in different parts of the world, and a ‘pilot light’ was lit in my heart, a desire to experience something similar in my time and space.

Several years later, we have been seeking to see a disciple-making movement established in the South West of France, and yes, our hearts continue to pray and to burn for ‘revival’ or explosive growth and breaking-in of the Kingdom, whatever that may look like here.

But over the last few months, we’ve discovered a new perspective on the Kingdom: the beauty of the small, the slow and the insignificant. When you invest in the lives of others, partnering with the Spirit in bringing eternal change, you become sensitive to the slightest change. And so, at our recent Pentecost Gathering, we witnessed beautiful things:

  • A group of people, worshipping God through song for the first time with confidence (normally, it’s just one or two singing, with a bit of self-consciousness thrown in) and it was beautiful
  • A not-yet baptised member of the community daring to speak her prayers out loud for the first time, and inviting the Holy Spirit to touch her prayer partner
  • Two ten year-olds sitting together, seeking to be filled with the Holy Spirit in whatever way He sought best, and experiencing something of a kind, warming presence alongside them

    Pentecost Prayers

  • Seeing how verses relating to the Holy Spirit written on paper ‘tongues of fire’, randomly selected, spoke deeply to the recipients
  • Sharing testimonies of being loved by God and sharing that love.

So, as the sense of family and belonging deepens amongst us, as we celebrated a church member obtaining a professional diploma, we have no doubt that God is at work among us. That roots are going deep, and God is guiding each member in their walk with Him.

We continue to pray and seek a nation-changing move of God that will bring glory to Jesus , but in amongst that, we celebrate and marvel at the small, the slow and the insignificant.

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2 thoughts on “The small, the slow and the insignificant…

  1. A real encouragement. Thank you Judkins! When people doubt because of the lack of signs and wonders, the small, seemingly slow or insignificant moments and relationships ARE the signs and wonders! Praise be His!

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