Vision France 15:20

Several years ago, God placed on our hearts a real desire to see churches being planted in areas where there are none. Churches that begin life and grow in the power of the Holy Spirit. Churches that are made-up of people sharing their lives, their hope and faith in Jesus, living out as new family, and impacting the society around them.

We were inspired by reading about movements of church plants across the world and long to see something taking root in French soil, that looks and feels French. A movement inspired by Romans 15:19-20. This is our ‘Vision France 15:20’.

So ‘why France’? Because of our love for this country, and its people first and foremost! But also because it’s one of the most secular countries in the world, and because we believe the message of freedom and salvation in Jesus has yet to be heard, understood and lived out by a large proportion of the French population.

We began a first placement, near Sommières in the South of France, but quickly realised that God was calling us longer term to an area where there were fewer evangelical churches.

We are therefore working in a town called Brive-La-Gaillarde, within a burgenoning new church plant and with a vision to see ‘Church Around the Table’ being lived out all through the Corrèze région.


L’église évangélique de Brive-la-Gaillarde

Our church’s website is: Eglise Evangélique Baptiste de Brive (Eglise Autour de la Table).

We are waiting and praying to see a movement of God taking off here that will see the advancing of God’s Kingdom of love, righteousness and peace, transforming this city, and beyond ! Thank-you for your interest in this journey.


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  1. Amazing what God put in your hearts!!!!

    Soyez encouragés! Notre pays a tellement besoin d’ouvriers!
    Véro & Phil Gatti

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